Bombproofing with Protechmasta Fly Veil with Soundproof Ears

We all work hard for that bombproof element in our horses, and as you know it’s easier said than done.

White Waters Warmblood Stud has been using our Protechmasta range for quite some time, one is the Fly Veil with Soundproof Ears.  Their warmblood Shadow Fly is very sensitive to surroundings and sounds around the arena when he competes.

Breeder, Kraai Kamffer notes “Quite often when there was prominent loud music playing into the arena he would go into flight mode and run away from the sound.  Then we met Gillian (owner of Steed & Style) and were introduced to the soundproof earmuffs. What a difference it made on Shadow Fly and his attitude competing in the big classes. All of a sudden, the sound of loud music next to the arena or the clapping of hands didn’t set him off as usual. He can concentrate and focus on his rider with fantastic results!!!”

Fly Veil With Soundproof Ears

Eases muscle tension through the poll and brow area, with added soundproof ears to prevent noise distractions and help improve concentration.