How does protechmasta benefit your horse

Giddy-up out of winter with Protechmasta!

Winter is almost over, time to saddle up and enjoy the warm weather! Here at Steed & Style, the welfare of both the horse and rider is our number one priority. We value our products, and if it’s in our online shop, it has passed the Steed & Style test of approval! We offer Protechmasta products that have integrated Far InfraRed radiation technology, which improves both the horse and rider’s performance and recovery.


Far InfraRed radiation technology 

Protechmasta products contain special ceramic powder that’s infused within the fabric lining. The ceramic material both emits and reflects Far InfraRed radiation (FIR). Far Infrared therapy is scientifically proven to safely and gently improve blood circulation. This is important for helping to support healthy joints and soft tissue, maintain healthy blood flow, swelling reduction, easing of muscle tension, as well as injury prevention.

Pre-and post exercise usage 

Protechmasta products are ideal to use for both pre-and post-exercise. Warming up is essential for any athlete. Protechmasta allows the horse’s pre-exercise resting heart rate to be reduced which alleviates anxiety. It also helps to prepare muscles and tendons for exercise. During recovery, Protechmasta helps reduce muscle tightness and efficiently stabilizes the horse’s body temperature, so that the post-exercise heart rate is restored to the resting rate quicker. Overall, Protechmasta improves movement, performance, recovery rates, and injury prevention.

Range of the Protechmasta products

Steed & Style offers a wide range of Protechmasta products for horses, the rider, and even working dogs. Some of the key features of Protechmasta products are that they consist of a breathable, lightweight material that allows for optimum airflow, has a super wicking air mesh outer, as well as ceramic material to regulate body temperature. In addition, these products can be used all year round. The selection of Protechmasta products for horses include: rugs, leg wraps, poll pads, and noseband guards for bridle straps and saddle pads. The riders have a selection of men’s and woman’s tights and shirts that offer comfort and heat regulation during working hours. Protechmasta even has a collar and sleeve for your energetic canine friends to protect them from injury and heat exhaustion.

Keep your animals safe and stylish with these cutting-edge Protechmasta products that prevent injuries and improve performance. All products are found at our Steed & Style online store.

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