How a passion for animals spurred the creation of a leading equestrian brand and a horse sanctuary.

Steed and Style is all about ensuring safety and providing quality gear for both you and your horse. One of the secrets behind our superior quality product range lies in Gillian K. McWilliam’s experience with, and genuine love for, all things equestrian. Gillian, owner of Steed and Style, shares more about herself and explains how her passion for horses came to be.

Gillian originally wanted to study veterinary sciences but was unable to get into the programme. She then ended up pursuing a career in computers instead. Nonetheless, her love for animals, particularly horses, never wavered.

She jokingly attributes her love for horses to the fact that her mother continued horse riding up until she was 6 months pregnant. “Once you have horses in your blood they never go away”, says Gillian. She started riding at the age of ten and has never looked back. Today she has her own horse sanctuary where all her beloved horses reside.

Amongst the horses at the sanctuary are a 30-year-old Arab mare, named Ya-El Zamirah, and two rescues – Tin-Tin and Tomahawk. The other two horses – Chalebren and Limbi – are a mare and young foal. Gillian adopted both horses from the Highveld Horse Care Unit.

Gillian’s love is extended to other creatures too. Over the years, she also adopted dogs, a cat, guinea pigs, and a rabbit. She considers these creatures to be part of the family and they are sure to be at her side as she carries out her plans to live a full life and to work more closely with animals.

Gillian’s passion for animals and experience working with horses have both led to the creation of Steed and Style. They are also behind the choice of superior quality products on offer for riders and horses alike. Visit our online shop to see our fine range or contact us to find out more about our equestrian and sport brands.