Why horses need boots

Protect your horse with our Steed & Style horse boots.

Equestrians around the world know how vital their steed legs are when completing important tasks ahead and that’s why you should ensure that they have the best protection for their delicate legs. Horse boots are able to protect and support the legs.

Horses do not have any padding from muscle tissue in the lower leg which means they are prone to debilitating injuries. Performance horses are more likely to strain their tendons and ligaments in their legs while racing or performing tiring tasks. Horse boots are able to prevent these injuries.

When your steed is performing, chances are they will be over-reaching, forging, or interfering and injuring themselves. Once your horse gets tired they will lose their balance which could lead to them hitting themselves. Leg boots protect your steed leg structures from bumping against obstacles or their own hooves.

There are many boots to choose from depending on what your steed problem is or what sport it participates in. At Steed and Style, we have multiple options available for your horse.

Brush boots or splint boots are usually worn on the front of your steeds legs and it helps prevent the horse from hitting itself during hard work. The Masta Brushing boots moulds against your steed legs to ensure protection, along with straps and hooks to avoid it from slipping from its legs.

Overreach or Bell boots, like the Caldene Over Reach Boots, cover the pastern joint and fetlock areas of the lower legs. They are meant to protect horses from injuries where their hind foot hits the heel of their front foot. It is either made out of leather or synthetic products and lined with sheepskin or soft material.

Open Front boots like the Masta Brushing boots help your horse not to become complacent when taking jumps while providing more airflow around the lower leg.

Watching your precious steed trip over its own legs or lay in pain with strained ligaments can be heartbreaking to watch. Horse boots will solve your problem as it guarantees support and protection for your horse’s legs. Click here to view our horse boots!