ProtechMasta infrared horse rug

Steed & Style has the perfect rug for your horse and more.

Be fully prepared when you perform at your peak with your horse or dog. Steed & Style has the perfect product range from Protechmasta for you, your horse and your dog to use before, during and after exercise.

The Far InfraRed (FIR) technology used in Protechmasta products is scientifically proven to gently and safely assist blood circulation, as it delivers thermal radiation.

In the range is the Protechmasta Infrared Rug, which is designed to encourage blood flow to horses’ muscles before exercise and reduce pre-exercise stress. Warming up for exercise is vital and the rug helps the body do that before a workout. With increased blood circulation, connective tissues become more flexible. This allows for improved suppleness and injury prevention. The rug also assists in maintaining healthy joints, heart rate and eases muscle tension after exercise. After work, it helps reduce lactic acid build-up and the repair process. The rug’s air mesh soft and absorbent fabric is designed to take away moisture while regulating temperature by circulating warm air around the horse.

You will also find the Protechmasta Leg Wraps in this range. It has FIR technology to gently increase blood flow to ligaments and tendons of the lower legs, preventing injury. The air mesh fabric’s long-lasting properties come from a special ceramic powder that is blended with the yarns. The leg wraps have an ergonomically shaped design. The shape enables the fastenings to give the best fit for front and back legs.

The Protechmasta range also includes the Protechmasta Noseband guard and the Protechmasta Poll Guard. The noseband guard helps to relieve tension and sensitivity under the jaw by distributing pressure evenly. It sits discreetly under the noseband, secured with hook and loop fastenings. The Protechmasta Poll Guard consists of neoprene fabric. This type of fabric is breathable and allows airflow, wicking away moisture fast and effectively. It sits neatly under the bridle or headcollar and offers protection, comfort, and distribution of pressure.

At Steed and Style, our shop has Protechmasta products for horses, riders and dogs. The Protechmasta apparel for men and women uses Far Infrared technology which is thermo-reactive to boost blood flow. When more oxygen and nutrients are drawn to muscle tissue the athletic performance is enhanced. Which aids in recovery, reduce soreness and balance in body temperature.

For man’s best friend you’ll also find coats and collars. The Protechmasta Infrared Coat will help enhance your dog’s body function by increasing blood flow, detoxify and promote healing.

For the best performance and recovery for yourself and your beloved equine and dog, choose the Protechmasta range from Steed and Style. You can shop for our products here.