The Elico Penne Turnout rug is a bulwark against winter weather

Weather temperatures in winter can get uncomfortable for your horse as they can drop to below zero.As a result, your steed may be subjected to cold joints and pulled muscles. There’s no need to worry, however, because at Steed & Style we have stocked the Elico Penne Turnout Rug to ensure that your equine friends are covered during the cold season, and you can ride them with confidence knowing that their muscles are kept warm.

The Elico Penne Turnout rug is the standard Pennine and with its integrated neck and a 200g fill with double breast straps, your steed will have maximum protection against biting cold temperatures. Its 600 denier waterproof outer will ensure that your horse is dry even in the wettest weather. It also allows for movement with ease due to the shoulder gussets and adjustable cross surcingles and detachable back leg straps. You’re also assured of a high-quality durable rug as it is bar-tacked for extra strength.

With the Elico Penne Turnout Rug, your horse can be ready for the bitter cold temperatures and wet weather ahead. The rug will ensure that the chilly weather doesn’t cause a lot of shivering, lameness issues and pulling of muscles. For more details, check it out at our online store.