Welcome to our Brand Ambassador, 19 year-old Hanelize Kamffer, or Fling as she’s known to most. An outstanding rider with a passion for her horses, an individual we are proud to have associated with our business.

Welcome Hanelize Kamffer

Welcome to our Brand Ambassador, 19 year-old Hanelize Kamffer, or Fling as she’s known to most. An outstanding rider with a passion for her horses, an individual we are proud to have associated with our business.  She started in diapers and is climbing the competitive curve aiming for the consistency that brings success.

Asked about her riding career, it’s been her passion since she “can’t remember”, with shows from a young age.  One highlight was winning the power jump at Ermelo show when she was 11 at 1.45m! “And when I jumped my first 1.30m rounds on my old man Middag Heat, a 22 year old THB at that time. I must say” she says “I think my best one is when I competed in my first 1.50m class in 2020. I entered in a power jump in 2017 on home ground and won the 4-bar at 1.75m with my mare that had me at number 1 in the junior 1.30m rankings for 3 years. I have been in the 1.50m rankings now for 2 years with my mom’s breeding stallion, White Waters On Time and I’m currently after WCQ at Shongweni lying 1st in the 1.40m rankings.”

A great match with our style of imported brands, one of which is the ProtechMasta range that Fling has been using since becoming our Brand Ambassador.  Fling is already well into the Steed & Style experience with her own riding apparel and for her horses sporting our halters, ear veils, numnahs, sweat-blankets, travelling boots and the quarter blankets.

“The results have only been positive and my horses have been better ever since. I started using these products when the sponsorship started a month ago. I can really see that my horses are happy with what I’m putting on them.”

The Ambassador baton was passed seamlessly from our previous Brand Ambassador Jason Slade (who has gone off to the States to further his studies), when she saw some of the products being used by him, and so ensued an introduction to Gillian, owner of Steed & Style, and an enthusiastic supporter of our products.

Fling has amazing form on all the horses she rides, these five beauties, unquestionably adored for their individuality, and with whom she competes. Gorgeous horses worth getting to know. Starting with the youngest:-

While Fling performs in events for both dressage and show jumping, it is show jumping she prefers because “it’s always exhilarating and unpredictable.”


“I can’t pinpoint exactly when I remember being on a horse the first time, but I have been told and shown photos of where I used to ask my mom if I can ride while still in diapers. She would put me in front of her on the horse and hold me with one arm. All I wanted to do was jump, and high! She used to jump 1.20m with me and I was loving every moment!”

Moving on from toddler adventures, she continued to learn to ride on their farm at Nottinghill Equestrian Centre. “I first rode with Hennie Groenewaldt, he taught me on my ponies and used to be my runner when my pony was naughty. He has super long legs, so winning a little 70cm class was effortless for us. When I started riding my paint pony, Buck, my mom took over with us. Since then, I have always ridden with my mom.”

“I think my most memorable moment, I must say of all, is the fact that I get to live my dream with my mom as my coach, mentor and supporter. Having her with me and teaching me through it all will always be the best part of my riding career.”


With a day that starts with a cuppa while planning her day, its chokkers with stable manager duties which she says gives her “the opportunity to just watch my horses and form a bond with them”, duties are followed by working them, just enough time is allowed for a light lunch and chillax, with the afternoon then packed with teaching.  No surprise she fits in a weekly massage to work stiff points out!

“I LOVE what I do. I love that feeling I get when the bell rings and it’s just my horse and I. I love the show experiences with friends and family. I live for the exhilaration I get through my course when I feel every breath of my horse. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s my life.”

So what are her plans for the future? She plans to continue her improvement curve, compete at top level for as long as possible, and teach her youngsters to get there someday.  “I want to be as consistent as possible.”

The million-dollar question you need to ask yourself when considering if riding is for you?


“I ask this” says Fling, “because riders always get scared when they fall and then they don’t want to continue riding. But what happens if you run and fall? You get back up and you keep running. The same goes for this sport. It’s tough, but you have to be tougher! My advice would be to keep trying and getting up even when you feel like there is absolutely no point in trying again. “Cause the one thing people forget is that all top riders and coaches also had to start somewhere, we also had to go through the pain and frustration to get to where we are now. With horses, there is no shortcut, you have to work, be brave and be determined to get where you want to be. But most of all, you have to be patient. With patience, you will get there.”

With patience, you will get there.