New season new products.

Gift ideas have never been easier with these new additions to our store.

With Autumn just around the corner, we at Steed & Style have got you covered! This is a month where we celebrate love, friendship, and of course our beloved horses. With our new products for March, you will be spoilt for choice with a variety of gift options, equestrian accessories, and of course fabulous equestrian fashion.

Allow us to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones and your equine companions. Have a look at our new range of products that are sure to suit every taste, as well as every budget.

One of our favorite gift ideas this month is our new Elico Key rings. These key rings come in a variety of options. From horseshoes, to ring bits; set in a beautiful silver finish, this is the ideal gift for any horse rider. The great thing about these keyrings, is that they are affordable, so you can spoil as many friends as you wish.

If you would rather buy something a little different, then we suggest our new Elico Jute Shopper bag. We have two very stylish and fun options to choose from. You can choose to wear it as you wish; either as a handbag, across the shoulder bag or as a cross-body sling. This bag is zip fastened, which will protect all your valuables. It is really something unique for those who love shopping and horse riding.

We all know that with Summer being upon us, there are many annoying bugs buzzing about. One of our favorite new products for February is the Elico full fly mask. Protect your horse’s face, eyes, nose, and ears with this excellent quality fly mask. The strong fabric, with a fur fabric lining, will allow for comfort and protection.

We were saving the best for last! We all know that our horses deserve the best of the best this March. We love our faithful steeds. They carry us on their majestic backs, and make us feel free, as we race through open fields. Our horses give us the ability to feel as if we are flying. They comfort us, when we are sad, and make us smile with their individual personalities. That is why we at Steed & Style have added a variety of new delicious treats to spoil your horse. Horses of South Africa deserve healthy and tasty snacks! Likit treats are superb, and come in a variety of different flavours that your horse is guaranteed to love. These snacks are a perfect reward for your horse or pony, and a great way to say “thank you” to your beautiful equine companion.

These are just a few of our great new products for March, which can be used as great gifts for all those who are special to you. Pop open the champagne, have a relaxing autumn picnic, while your beautiful horse roams about nearby. If you would like to see more of our new products for March, please visit the shop. Lastly, remember, our new products are not only about spoiling those whom you love, but about spoiling yourself too!